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    Samson Supplies Spring Cycle Log

    Hi guys, Samson allowed me to try some things and log about them. My plan was to run a mild spring cut cycle using HGH, Test Cyp, Proviron and Anavar from Samson. My stats are like this 37 year old male, 210 lbs, 6", 17% BF, general training experience of 19 years, minimal cycle experience (one...
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    Hello guys. I know someone on my radar had phentermine but I can't find it in my email. Can any of y'all point me in the right direction?
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    DNP nowadays?

    Anybody still use DNP occasionally? Unsure who I could still source it from and it’s one of those compounds I want to be sure of so, I need recommendations. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Fun Cycle from Pharmacon

    I'm in the early stages of a very fun cycle from Pharmacon. Tazz gets mucho props here. I am 212 lbs, 6'!', moderately strong on my lifts and carrying an unfortunate amount of BF. Lucky, I can modify my body composition lickety-split in almost any situation. The total compounds used are listed...
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    Good Deals on Appetite Suppressants?

    Ok, I admit it, my appetite has been going fucking nuts lately and I need to make more sober (ie, not under the influence of anabolics) dietary choices. So far, Tazz has me hooked up with Sibutramine from Pharmacom but I want to branch out a bit and see what else I can explore. Any takes on...
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    T4 Supplementation (along with T3)

    Ok, I'm having a difficult time understanding what the addition of T4 supplementation might do for me. I'm currently running a long cycle of T3 and considering adding in some T4 as a sort of self-experiment. My question is, will the T4 do anything that the T3 wouldn't? Won't the T4 just convert...
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    Anybody need Arimidex?

    I mistakenly ordered three 30ML bottles of Arimidex that I don't need at all. Pretty sure we've all got extra stuff so, anybody want to trade for something extra that you've got lying around? (The Adex is from Maxim Peptides - good stuff in terms of potency, etc - and is still sealed). PM me...