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    Blood in syringe while IM inject TB500 to glutes

    The pain from the right side of my lower back to right hip area has been bothering me for several month. I currently am 3rd week into TB500 loading phase where I inject 5mg of it once a week. I can feel some improvement, but not significant. I usually constitute each 5mg with 1ml of Bacteria...
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    legit source for halotestin?

    Gonna end my cycle with 4 weeks of halotestin 20mg per day. They say halo is the most bunked compound. Are there any legit out there?
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    tren e strength still didn't kick in?

    It's my first tren cycle. Currently on the 4th week of tren e 200mg and test e 250mg cycle. Gonna do my 5th tren e injection tomorrow. Been experience some moderate night sweat. Had some trensomnia and out of breath on the 2nd and 3rd week and now it's fine, my body kinda build resistence to...
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    first tren cycle question

    I have done 5 cycles through the last 3 years. Never used tren before. For my next cycle, I plan to take 250mg tren and 250mg test per week for 12 weeks. I know tren is a very harsh compound. An ai on cycle is definitely not enough. Can you guys share what cycle support to use during a tren...
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    is the pct drug(clomid and nolva) from legit?

    It's been 15 days into my pct. I took 40mg of nolva and 50 mg of clomid ed along with gw501516 and osterine. However, I didn't feel any testosterone come back. In the past few days, it feels even worse and it seems my T level has been crashed down even more. I have no drive at the gym at all and...
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    pct drug questions

    on pct, do i take nolva before or after meal and do i split dosage(20mg morning, 20mg night)? is it ok to take nolva and clomid at the same time of the day?
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    How often donate blood when do 3 steroid cycle a year

    I heard steroid will make the blood thicker and red blood cell increase. And donate some blood can help with that. However, I am not sure how often should I donate. If I am doing like 3 gear cycle in a year (which is a lot).
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    When is the best time to start PCT on test cycle?

    I've seen lots of guys in some forum, they've done a good pct and feel fine after pct. However, it is several weeks after pct that their test level crashes. I am on my way to pct on my first test cycle. So I am wondering since test level could crash even after pct, why don't I just hold the...
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    how many weeks after pct on a low dose test cycle I need to do my blood work?

    how many weeks after pct on a low dose test cycle I need to do my blood work? I know one or two weeks after the pct, there is still pct serms in my system. So how many weeks after pct do I go get my blood work done. To know for sure that my nature test production is on point again.
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    fast heartbeat on 250mg test-e cycle

    I need some help guys. I am on the 7th week of my 250mg test-e only cycle. On the 5th week, I did my blood work which showed my estrogen level was about 30% higher than the high end of normal range, so I up the dosage of aromisin. And since the 2nd week on my cycle, I have experienced very...
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    Live in Toronto, where do you guys get your blood work done?

    Is there any lab provide blood test in Toronto? I don't want to see the fucking doctor
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    what level of estrogen is optimal for man

    I am going to do my blood work in the middle of my cycle. Can you guys tell me what level of estrogen is normal for a male in his 20s.
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    ball size VS natural test production

    During a cycle, is the size of ball a good indication of how much testosterone body naturally produce during steroid cycle? For example, my ball strinked a lot since the start of a steroid cycle, so that means my natural test level is low as hell On the other hand, if my ball didn't strink at...
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    How much testosterone do I expect in my blood work in the middle of my cycle

    This is my first cycle and I am in my 20s. I only took one injection with 250mg of test E weekly with nothing else. On week 7 or 8, I am about to do a blood test. Can you guys give me a range of testosterone level that can be expected from the blood work?
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    first cycle problems

    I plan to start my first test cycle recently,but there is still something I need answer 1.Is it good to do a frontload in my first cycle? I heard from Internet that at the beginning of the cycle, take more dosage of test enanthate(like 750mg) on the first shoot will bring effect faster 2.All...