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    lgd update and advice needed

    So first I want to thank Dylan for all his advice, I would be lost without his and everyone's else help on here. So I have been on a cycle of Lgd for about 9 weeks now and so far this has been the best sarm for me for gains. I have put on a solid 10 pounds of muscle mass and gained probably 20...
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    Don't use scienceBio! I was in middle of a cycle of Rad140 that I had purchased from sarms4sale at the time I only purchased 2 bottles. I was running low so went to purchase another and it must have been between productions because I couldn't get it. I foolishly bought a bottle from Sciencebio...
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    new to sarms need advice please

    I am a 44 year old guy 6' 235lbs I regularly lift weights(225 bench 8 reps 4 sets) but suck at cardio due to asthma and being at high altitude, so only do about 15 minutes of running. I am at about 25% B.F. and it is all in the Belly. I have pretty low Testosterone 345 total and free is at...