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    Need some TRT advice

    I've had a really hard time dialing in my TRT, and I've been on for years, I've been on 100-200mg, my most recent prescription was 150mg but I lowered it to 100mg as I feel my bloodwork is overall really good on 100mg. The issue has always been that my E2 is at a relatively normal dose, 32pg/dl...
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    Cruising on Tren?

    I've really decided that I'm done blasting, and would rather be on a small cocktail of compounds year round as TET (Testosterone enhancement therapy) My go to was going to be 100mg Test/200 Masteron per week. I'm looking to keep the total compounds under 300mg (maybe 400mg if bloodwork is ok)...
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    How much Masteron for a cruise?

    Got a bit confused from Dylan's Masteron video saying that 400mg was really the lowest he would go (and that seems to be the consensus). I'm assuming that was intended for a blast cycle..... Now, if one wanted to add Masteron to their prescribed TRT dose because they are lean year round and...
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    Kind of disillusioned with my goals

    So I've been bodybuilding for about 20 years, mostly natural except in college when I went a little hogwild, and in recent years I was put on TRT. This year I decided to experiment a little again. I gotta tell ya. My ideal is guys like Rob Riches, Jeff Cavalier, I really liked the physique on...
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    Safely running an oral as your main "blast steroid"?

    So over the years I've come to the conclusion that winstrol is my favorite steroid. Well, that's a lie, tren is, but I feel winstrol comes close enough without all the baggage. I actually gain about 7 lbs on average from a 4 week, 50mg cycle, and being that these days I stay at single digit body...
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    Maintaining once you've got it

    So I'm at a point where I've reached all my goals, it only took 23 years lol, but I'm there. Obviously this is a very subjective question so I don't expect definitive answers, just personal experiences Did you find that just going back to TRT allowed you to maintain or did you still need a...
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    Life off tren sucks (A different perspective)

    I would like to start by saying i do NOT condone the use of tren as a year-round compound, this is just an experience I wanted to share and get some feedback on, if there even is any. I'm in my mid-thirties and have been on a standard TRT dose for four years which has varied from 100mg to 200mg...
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    Keeping testosterone at same dose year round

    So I'm in my mid thirties and on TRT since 30, bodybuilding since 14. I had some extensive cycle experience for four years in college, and recently began just playing with lower doses of Test and Mast. I'm actually already the size I want, and I can maintain this on a very moderate blast of...
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    Can someone help me set up my cycle (Low-Dose and DRY)

    New to the forums, but been watching Dylan's videos for some time. I'm 34, thanks for having me first off. I've been bodybuilding since I was 14, so 20 years now. Been on TRT for the last three years after testing under 300, aside from that I cycled for 3-4 years during college (all test, deca...