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    Future cycle input

    Cycle Is for a buddy and I knew you would know best. I know you don't like T3 he's wanting to run it bad so. -T3 50mcg tabsx100 -Megabolic 240mg/ml 10ml x5 -Stanol 50mg tabs -CLEN 40mcg tabsx100 Pct Clomid 50mgs 100/50/50/50 Nolva 20mgs 40/40/20/20 Thanks brother! how good is this cycle?
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    Starting new cycle and requesting some suggestions!

    Hey , im about to start a new cycle and have been off for a little over a year. i want to gain mass but also loose some unwanted fat accumulated over the last year. i know this is hard to do but i will be where i have access to a clean diet and a gym 24/7 for the next 6-7 moths. Rough plans=...