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    Pharma Grade Aromasin / Exemestane 25mg.

    Hey Guys, I thought this post may be beneficial to members of the forum that use Aromasin, on cycle or for PCT. I know there are a lot of counterfeit items on the market at the moment and sometimes it can be difficult to determine the product you purchased / received is actually genuine. I...
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    Pharma Grade PCT items - Legit?

    Hey Guys, Just a quick post in relation to some PCT items that I recently purchased. Anfarm Clomid and Teva Tamoxifen. Are these legit Pharma Grade items? The dates on the blister packs match the outer packaging. Would like your views. Thanks in advance.
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    Discontinuation of TRT (Post Cycle Therapy Advice for recovery)

    Hey Dylan, Been following your channel for quite some time now. The content you put out is arguably some of the best around and most definitely on YouTube. Your passion is evident! Keep up the good work! Okay, please bare with me my friend, as this is my story. Age: 35 Height: 5' 11" Current...