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    Personal gyno question

    Hey guys So I have gyno from puberty, it's not too bad, not really noticeable unless I'm bending over or whatever. But anyways I decided to try to see if my nipples would excrete fluid. I attempted to squeeze the lump under my nipple gently and I did notice a clear fluid coming out of my...
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    Just a warning to athletes

    Hey all, just thought I'd share some information with you guys who compete in anything tested. Friend of mine who competes in powerlifting in Canada here took sarms in his off season just to try out. He ordered from a research company here in Canada and stopped taking the sarms 2 months out from...
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    Update on my sarms cycle

    Hey all just a quick update on my progress Currently down to 210 ish pounds, started at 220 ish. Usually when I'm cutting weight I lose bench strength and that's what I'm experiencing now unfortunately, however I'm getting some great lower body gains. Got a new PR of 475x5 on my deadlift and...
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    My sarms cycle update

    Hey all, Just thought I'd give you guys an update of my cycle. For those of you who don't know I'm running Mk 2886 S4 SR 9009 GW I'm also 6'1 around 15-18% body fat, I used the calipers months ago and it said 18 I think but it is probably a little less now Before my cycle I weighed between...
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    Natural fat burners

    Hey all, so my current sarms stack as some may know is Ostarine Cardarine SR S4 I'm goin for fat loss of course, got my diet all dialed down, I have a nice variety of foods and seasonings so I don't get bored. Anyways, I was wondering if any of you find any benefits to taking natural over the...
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    Sarms just arrived

    Pretty stoked as my sarms just arrived!! Took a shot of s4, tastes brutal lol but whatever all for the gains, I'll know if it's working within a few days when the green tint comes. Well, the diet is on point, training hard, time to get gains
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    Sarms and drug tests

    Hey guys asking a question for a friend, he'd like to try sarms but he gets drug tested for his job, do sarms cause red flags? I don't think a driving job would test for steroids/PEDs, probably just drugs but ya never know. Thought id ask.
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    Customs clearance

    When you check your sarms tracking and they've made it through customs, woo, almost here!! Stoked to get started
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    Sarms delivery time

    Hey all, just ordered some sarms from sarmsx. I live in Canada so just curious how long it takes for people in other countries to get their sarms? I don't mind waiting of course I'm asking purely out of curiosity
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    How many exercises per body part?

    Hey guys just curious what you all do for exercises for your splits and what workouts you do? I'm currently doing my chest day and I started with flat bench working up to a daily max for 5 reps. Only got 265... Bummer, anyways, then I do incline bench press for 5x8, then cables 5x20, and then I...
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    Before bed thoughts

    So lately before bed I come on the forum, do my cruise through the top feed, try to help some people out, see what the 44 is up to (usually saying some wacky shit as always) but lately there's just been so many people on the forum asking ridiculous questions that claim to be a "huge fan" of...
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    Hey guys, anyone have any information on DHEA? Apparently it's sold in stores in the states but it's not sold in Canada. My mother brought some back from the states and I'm just curious if it has any benefits. Is it worth taking? What does it do? Thanks in advance
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    Sarms recomp

    Hey guys so I was gonna start ordering my sarms as I've been off nolvadex (my sarms pct) for about 2 weeks now and I'm almost ready to hop back in. However, being in Canada it's a little pricey getting sarmsx so I was thinking of modifying my cycle a bit, how does replacing RAD with LGD sound...
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    Benefits to wine?

    Hey guys just curious if you guys believe any benefits in drinking wine? The way I see it why not just eat the fruit that goes into making the wine? I ask because my girlfriend drinks about 1-2 glasses a day (goes through 1-2 bottles a week) and I tell her that she should find a healthier...
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    Birthday post

    Hey guys today's my birthday and I'll gladly accept Any vials of test or some sarms that you guys may want to give ;)
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    Advice for guys complaining on prices

    So for those of you who argue that the sarmsx are too expensive, try getting a buddy to go half with you on the 40% or 50% off discount page, if you were to use the 40% off on lgd you'll be getting each lgd bottle for roughly 60$ each (I didn't do the exact math so don't hold me to it) but this...
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    My next sarms stack

    Hello friends. My next sarms cycle will be the following, s4, rad, GW, and SR. Could someone give me the dosages for each please? Thank you.
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    Proviron off cycle?

    Hey all, Just curious on taking proviron on its own, I know Dylan has said it can be run in pct and how it isn't suppressive but I'm just asking for some opinions. The nolvadex I'm on right now I believe is blocking my estrogen to the point where I'm not able to get a good sex drive. I'm still...
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    Finished sarms cycle

    Hi all, Just updating, I completed my sarms cycle and am currently taking nolvadex and cardarine for my pct. I chose nolva just because I have more sides with clomid and I feel it's better for me. Anyways, I gained some strength. Bout 25 pounds on bench for 1, 30 on my squat, and I never did a...
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    Blood Pressure

    Hey guys. So long story short I'm 22 years old. Done steroids in the past as some of you may know, I ran safe dosages and had my nutrition and training on point. My blood pressure was always a main concern because high blood pressure runs in my family. So when on cycle I would always check my...