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    Reviewing BGS TNE 50mg/Inject Tbol 25mg

    Hay from Kansas As some of you know I'm not a bodybuilder, I lift weights to stay in shape, I do over 70miles of cardio up and down the Mo. River Bluffs in a weeks time. This is why I was looking for a pre work product ,so after I was done with the Iron I could take something for the long...
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    Aspirate or Not to Aspirate

    Not necessary........... IMO
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    What is Benzyl-Alcohol & Benzyl Benzoate and what do they do

    Benzyl-Alcohol is just a form of alcohol. Its use in Steroids is to preserve the suspension for months, even years, without any reduction in sterility. Alcohol is an anti-bacterial disinfectant and is used as such in many industries. As aforementioned Benzyl-Alcohol ensures the Steroid...
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    Really IWGF,Domestic Pharma

    There was a question raised about aromasin is very underdosed coming from a Rep Knowing I have been dosing this brand at 12.5 ED,,,,with that in question,,,, I order Pharm Grade form IWGF knowing I start my cycle this week ,,,,, I got with IWGF in just a short time , Knowing the problem...
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    Ötzi the Iceman: preserved in the ice for 5300 years

    My passion is to research knowledge of the past like this I thought I would share.
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    Pharma Lady Bloodwork Glotropin HGH

    This is a 7 months of Glotropin 80IU HGH 1.5 iu 7 days a week The only down side is Customs for me 2 letters are to many It's sad but true have to look elsewhere
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    Lab Test Results BGS

    This is just for a 6 weeks ...of Sust 250mg EW for my TRT...I had to take a AI with this dose I pin on Sun am......blood taken Tu am
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    5 Reasons Why Healthy People Should Get Blood Tests

    This entry was posted on October 24, 2016 by Walkin Lab. Most of us go about our lives until something goes wrong. We start to feel sick. Then we see a doctor or go to the emergency room. At that point, we surrender control of our healthcare to men and women we see infrequently at best. Yes...
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    Driver clocked at 208 mph on Oklahoma turnpike

    PLEASE PLAY THIS AS YOU READ OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a state trooper arrested a driver after clocking his speed at more than 200 mph. Advertisement The patrol says Trooper Ryan Smith pulled over the man Saturday on the...
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    When to Run HCG,,,My 2 cents

    You don't and I repeat Don't Run HCG while on any Cycle. It's Counter-Productive. HCG is meant to Restart the HPTA axis (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis). Running Test shuts this Pathway Down, so if you're running HCG during your Cycle. Then you're sending Mixed Messages to your Glands...
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    IWGF BGS ,,,,eagle has landed

    TNE 50mg/ml- Tbol 25mg,,,, caps Tbol 25mg/ml,,,injection -Pfizer Caber 0.5mg/8 tabs To run my oral injectable is to pin once and then take oral cap in same day. That way im not having to pin twice and still able to keep the compound active. So if I know I'm gonna be working out in the...
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    Porm Stash

    BGS and Domestic Pharma MGP Anabolics Pharma Lady roids24 Drugsgear 20161112_154432.jpg 20161112_163538.jpg WTF will try again
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    IWGF and Wester Union

    We All know about WU problems if you have been reading the threads on the forum or using them I just want to say Thanks to IWGF for sending my order ############# before the receiver picked payment up do to the WU problems########### I can't say he would do that for ever one,,,, Loyal...
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    I Want To Get it Right Blood Test

    This is the one I'm getting for HGH Test...IGF-1 Blood Test: Insulin-like Growth Factor Which blood test for non cap Test Levels that has more then just Test levels.
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    Superman's (Cialis 25/Viagra 50)

    Take 2 of these and you will find out what's up , I was paying $50.00 for 1 Viagra 100mg and about the same for 1 Cialis 25mg at CVS...........LOL BGS and Domestic Pharma
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    Active Half-life of Steroids

    Active Half-life of Steroids,,,,,,,,,,, Copy and Paste Anyone new to steroids may be wondering what Steroid half life means, even some experienced steroid users may also be wondering what half-lives means. So here in simple terms you can read and hopefully understand all about steroid half...
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    What an ester is, and how it works

    WHAT AN ESTER IS, AND HOW IT WORKS,,,,,Copy and paste I'm sure that if you have taken an interest in anabolic steroids you have noticed the similarities on the labeling of many drugs. Let's look at testosterone for example. One can find compounds like testosterone cypionate, enanthate...
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    Haaaay Dylan

    How about a video on Help with reading Blood Test Results
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    The Cultural Evolution Of Marijuana Episode 1 to 5 DNews Plus

    The Cultural Evolution Of Marijuana Episode 1 to 5
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    Jimmy Dean 12 oz Rant LMAO over some damn sausage