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  1. FigureMaster

    Does Pharmacon accept payment via Coinbase?

    Hey Taz, Do you accept bitcoin via Coinbase? This is my first time using bitcoin & my first order. I've been using SARMS (3rd cycle) & would like to try a low dose of Anavar with it. Just trying to add a few pounds without any crazy side effects as I prefer keeping my femininity. Love what...
  2. FigureMaster

    Triple stack update for 50+ female

    Although I'd love to log weekly I felt it best to provide feedback every few weeks. I'm just finished my fourth week of using the triple stack after increasing S4 & MK2866 after 2 weeks as per Dylan & Rick's recommendation for females. I gotta say that I have made more progress in the last...
  3. FigureMaster

    Is GW-501516 taken ED?

    I received my triple stack yesterday and was wondering if it is taken every day or only on workout days. I'm in the middle of a build so I don't do any cardio just weights 4x/wk. The protocol calls for it to be taken 30 min pre workout? What do I do on OFF days. I'm hoping to provide some...