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  1. Osmou

    What is strongest sarm for lean muscle?

    Why are you suggesting gw-501516 for pct? I am also going to stick with ostarine for now. I have 2 bottles of it and I rather not take s4 yet, because of possible vision side effects.
  2. Osmou

    What is strongest sarm for lean muscle?

    Well, there is one thing I need help with. Since I am planning to run it for 9-12 weeks next. (im pretty sure, I will run it for 12 weeks, as long as I dont notice any huge sides from it) I will buy clomid for pct along with bulbine natalensis. My question is how should I dose the clomid? is...
  3. Osmou

    Is Jeff Seid a Natty?

    Why would someone even be bothered about another dude being natural or not? I personally couldnt care less if someone is natural or not. Lol.
  4. Osmou

    What is strongest sarm for lean muscle?

    My 7 week ostarine cycle is done, it was far from pointless. I got nice results and absolutely no sides. Next cycle is going to be 9-12 weeks.
  5. Osmou

    What is strongest sarm for lean muscle?

    Thanks alot Dylan! What do you think about RAD-140? is it stronger than ostarine? I am aware that people recommends 12 weeks cycle with ostarine. However I want to leave room for improvements for my pre-summer cycle aswell. I also may continue this ostarine cycle if I havent noticed any...
  6. Osmou

    What is strongest sarm for lean muscle?

    So, I have been trying to google strongest sarm for lean muscle and so far I havent found any information what could be the strongest one. I am currently using Ostarine and I have to say it works nicely! (Its my 11th day now) I am doing a full 50 day log about it for you all to see, once I...
  7. Osmou

    Should I split primobolan oral doses through day?

    Title says it all, according to primobolans Active Life is 4-6hours. Should I take my first 50mg dose of primobolan before workout (around noon) and last 50mgs before going to bed?
  8. Osmou

    Dylan Gemelli Video OUTTAKE... Bad hair day

    Haha! I feel you, thank god I have short hair again!