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  1. RedMorkai

    Ego check

    Came across a post made by Jared Feather that I agree with and thought I'd share. It's one thing to be proud of your accomplishments but it's another to look down at others. We all have our strengths and weaknesses: "I don't care if you can deadlift 800lbs, SNATCH 400lbs, never miss a shot in a...
  2. RedMorkai

    RedMorkai's Rx Blood results

    I promised I'd run my Rx script and post the results a while back and finally got around to doing so. This is 400mg twice a week, inject day before draw. Aromasin was from IWGF, thanks! Slightly lower e2 than I want it but not noticing and bad affects.
  3. RedMorkai

    Cbbram popular

    Hey bud, your inbox is full.
  4. RedMorkai

    IWGF Norditropin

    As always lot of questions about HGH coming up, particularly last few weeks. As we all know HGH is faked often, thankfully we have our awesome sources on here. It's always nice to have some peace of mind with a test result, here was a norditropin GH serum test I took. IWGF also carries BGS...
  5. RedMorkai

    RedMorkai's Transformation Contest Log

    Thanks to all the sponsors for holding this. I'm in awe how much was put together, you guys are truly amazing! Looking forward to competing with all the competitors as well. Got a good group here and I foresee some awesome changes. Good luck to everyone, this should be fun. Beginning Stats...
  6. RedMorkai

    Valhalla Slayer

    These 4 jugs laying down a massacre earning their way to Valhalla(I need to slay them first muahaha). Thanks bro, can't wait to pin this tmmw!
  7. RedMorkai

    Latest BGS Bloods

    At 800mg/wk. I do eod pinning and didn't inject the morning of test, probably didn't influence numbers too greatly though. Finally got my e2 right where I want it. Still very surprised my hemacrit and rbc hasn't gone up. I am more vascular though.
  8. RedMorkai

    Few bridge transition questions

    I have about 10 days left on my blast and have a couple questions about phasing into my cruise. Planned bridge: 1-16 test cyp 200 mg week 1-16 primo 200 mg week 1-16 deca 175 mg week 1-16 rad140 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 S4 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25...
  9. RedMorkai

    RedMorkai's IWGF Stash w/ additions

    Took this a few days ago, figured I'd share. Have my bridge and next cycle and then some lined up here. Need to stock up a little more on SARMSX for the bridge, but still rocking some pure essence(succeeded by SARMSX). I have some hgh and peptides in fridge too, but I'm off HGH for a little while :(
  10. RedMorkai

    BGS Test Cyp blood results

    Here is my blood results for BGS test cyp at 800mg/wk.
  11. RedMorkai

    New privatemdlabs blood tests

    Noticed a few new blood tests, looks like the typical female hormonal panel LC/MS version is now just a hormonal panel LC/MS. I also found one slightly cheaper, the only thing I noticed it didn't have was the free T, which if you're blasting you should be capped at their 50> anyways. I also saw...
  12. RedMorkai

    Blood in syringe theory

    Meant to share this story yesterday. So I pinned my gear yesterday, VG, stuck needle in noticed a little pinch about half way in, nothing to major. I aspirate and got the negative pressure bubble so I inject my dose. I always like to wait a couple seconds after dose is fully administered before...
  13. RedMorkai

    Deca prolactin test timing

    When would you guys suggest checking prolactin, about 6 weeks into cycle for deca to nearly saturate or would you wait even longer like 8?
  14. RedMorkai

    Planning bridge

    I just finished my 6th week of my blast and am ready to start thinking more about my bridge. I'm currently 10-12%bf and seem to be staying the same if not tightening up slightly during this blast. Goal of bridge will be to tighten up as much as possible before next cycle. Would love to hit 8%...
  15. RedMorkai

    IWGF Proform Test Cyp and HGH Results

    585mg/wk text cyp 12.5mg eod aroma BGS BGS tbol 50-75mg/day hgh nords 3.2iu/day GW501516 Bloods drawn mid 5th week. GH serum was 10iu deep im 3 hours prior to test. Blood pressure has been staying fine, last reading 109/66.
  16. RedMorkai

    Dialing in aromasin

    I realize it ultimately comes down to bloods, but I'm trying to get a grasp on how to adjust aromasin doses based on prior bloods. For example, if I'm taking 500mg/wk test and 12.5mg aroma eod and I get back e2 of 50pg/mL. What would you guys change the aroma dose to? Obviously would want follow...
  17. RedMorkai

    Pharma HGH smell

    Never thought I'd like the smell of "hospital" but I think I've become addicted to that smell lol.
  18. RedMorkai

    TNE taste

    Just got done my first TNE injection. That guaiacol, at least that's what I assume that's what I'm tasted, is an interesting taste lol. Lasted about 30 minutes. I could tell I was injecting something moreso than just cyp, but it wasn't painful. Don't feel any PIP at the moment either. Will be...
  19. RedMorkai

    TRT update

    Just thought I'd share how my trt experience is so far. Been on test 100mg/wk for 7 weeks now. Definitely noticed some improvements. The day before and the morning of injection I tended to feel a little more "down", couldn't tell if was just placebo or not though. Anyways got my first bloods...
  20. RedMorkai

    When to split hgh dose

    I'm currently on 2iu of nords. Going to be pushing towards 3iu in July. Seeing a lot of info out there where people seem to begin splitting their hgh into 2 doses at right around the 3iu/day mark. Do you think there is an advantage to splitting the 3iu? I'm leaning towards not splitting, but...