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Thread: LGD & GW messing with menstrual cycle?

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    Question LGD & GW messing with menstrual cycle?

    Hey guys, so I've been on the following for 23 days....

    - Anabolicum (LGD-4033) 1mL/day
    - Cardarine (GW-501516) 0.5mL/day

    I've been mixing it with a shot of tart cherry juice. Also on a scoop of creatine most days. And I've been taking birth control responsibly for almost 8 years. I've seen some results from the first 23 days but that's not my concern at the moment. I did preliminary research and was under the impression that these would not interfere with my birth control. Well now I'm 3 days late and freaking out. I've never completely missed a period as long as I've been getting them (14 years?). The boyfriend and I always use condoms responsibly as well - so I'm very confused. I'm grabbing a stick to pee on after work but that's another few hours of freaking out. it possible the SARMS are messing with my menstrual cycle?


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    Where's your sarms from?

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    It's rare that sarms will interfere with your menstrual cycle, but it does happen with some women and is entirely possible. Everyone is a little different

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    Figured I'd follow up incase another female lands in the same boat and resorts to Googling like I did. Test was negative and I'm experiencing no other symptoms of pregnancy. So I'm going to conclude that the sarms have indeed caused me to skip my period for the first time ever. I have not added anything else into my routine that would have done so. I was planning to do an 8 week cycle and will probably stay the course. I am dropping the LGD to 0.5mL/day though as that was the recommended dose I found for cutting fat, which is my primary goal at the moment.

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    well you may experience some changes bc your hormones are changing and your test levels are prolly a tid bit elevated, but all should be good to go it probably wont and shouldn't last long
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    anything is possible, absolutely but that is not something that i have heard much of at all in nearly 6 years.. now, some times people just have certain reactions to things that are unexplainable and this could be the category you are falling into

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    I am a woman and the Sarms did not mess with my cycle at all. I was not on birth control however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp147 View Post
    I am a woman and the Sarms did not mess with my cycle at all. I was not on birth control however.

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    So based on that when's the baby shower?
    I'm so subbed for this thread.

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    So glad I'm done with those days!

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