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Thread: Almost no Ejucation load??

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    Almost no Ejucation load??

    What is causing and what is the main reasons for almost no Ejucation and no erection at all after coming off a mini pct (clomid 25/25/25) after cycling lgd4033 for 8 weeks. Now when im off, i have no libido, feeling all weak and that What is worrying me most that i have hard time getting it up and almost no Ejucation load?? should i consider i 2nd and a stronger pct? Also very new to this forum and need some serious help and advice..

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    welcome brotha, and yes I would try another pct. it sounds like typical shutdown. Get legit pct ancillaries from

    Clomid and nolva if you feel it's necessary. I would also try tongkat Ali extract.

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    I see. I will give it a try brother

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