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    Video The amount of time off needed in between steroid cycles: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Im about to do 4 weeks of Anavar. Then do 12 weeks of GW, MK, and Rad 140 for 12 weeks. Can I jump on Anavar for another 4 weeks after and take my break? What are your thoughts?
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    Fitness for pregnant

    Most doctors are ok if she is healthy and has already been working out. My wife had 4 kids and worked out basically until it is to uncomfortable
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    Video LGD-3303 (Megabolic) Facts Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Damn and I just got LGD 4033. Can I run it with LGD 3033 also?
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    The best SARMS for strength: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great Vid. Im glad you said everyone reacts differently. Between Yk, LG, and S23 I couldn't tell a different for strength between the 3. But I reacted best to YK with gains. And I couldn't tell of any gains with LG other than water retention. But S4 the first week or within 5 days strength...
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    Looking for Oral only cycle advice

    Yes that is correct. From the doctor. We started off at 150mg and my T levels only were 400 after 3 months and she wanted to see if I could be at 600-800. It took 300mg until I hit 700. Do you guys think I need to get a second opinion?
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    Looking for Oral only cycle advice

    So when you guys say oral only. Like for me Im on TRT 300mg. Could I do anavar with some other Sarms since im on TRT? I know that might sound stupid I got the Sarms education pretty down but orals for steroids' im not sure of
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    Replace S4

    Usually I see recommendation don't take S4 on the weekends if having eye issues. That seems to help out alot. But if its to bad with only 4 weeks left you can just stop taking it. You can't just take something else to replace S4 other than S4. Unless this is the beginning of your cycle you...
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    MB's YK-11 Log

    Keep us posted! Great job
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    MB's YK-11 Log

    Im going to be following this
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    Help with calorie intake

    When I cut I need to be on cookie cutter. But maintaining or lean bulk I have a normal diet. I just keep track of Protein and make sure I eat fruits and veggies. Try to get in 150-180g of protein in and let the rest fall into place of my diet. I hate strict diets or cookie cutters. This has...
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    Most commom substance you see in fake sarms?

    Man its scary out there. You have no idea what your getting. Here at ISARMs Dylan doesn't mess around. He won't promote anyone unless he knows for a fact that its real. He really does care about peoples health. I have never seen a complaint about the product. Ive seen some complaints...
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    S23 Facts and Information

    Ill check that out thanks
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    Considering new sarm cycle

    Yes I know but wasn't sure about the spike in Cortisol if you still wanted to do GW and MK. I guess that only spikes if you get suppressed and try to PCT back is that correct? I know you don't need it for Sarms but Im still learning about S23 and YK11 so Im just unsure.
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    Considering new sarm cycle

    So being on Yk-11 you need to go on a full PCT? What if your on TRT should you still PCT with only GW and MK?
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    S23 Facts and Information

    Has anybody else on here tried it personally? What did you think? Pros cons?