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    Pharma Lady and Robolics are great to deal with

    I agree 100%! Pharmalady HGH order came in a week, Robo orders always less than a week. You can't beat the best quality and the fastest shipping!
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    Agreed about Coinbase. It's very easy to use, great UI. You can choose to buy with a bank card or bank account. The amount you can purchase per week is restricted for a bit, but with consistent purchases your limit will increase.
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    Best needle for injecting Test

    I have always used 1.5" 22 or 25 gauge in glutes but they're getting tired of pins. Just started using 1" insulin needle for legs and .5" insulin needle for delts and it's been awesome. Doing this for Test E and the oil comes out fine.
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    Platinum Biotech Bio-Trope Pharma Lady HGH

    Thanks for all the awesome information you share on here man. Yeah the dreams have been fun fortunately they're not tren crazy. 1st time, and I was moving up to see if I would experience any carpal-type sides or joint aches. You recommend I go back to 3.3 then?
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    Platinum Biotech Bio-Trope Pharma Lady HGH

    Hey everyone, been a reader for a long time but first post here. 40 y/o, 203, ~20% bf. I'll start by saying WOW amazing service from pharmalady, 4 days TD. I'm on week 4 of bio-trope (2iu weeks 1,2; 3.3iu week 3, 4iu currently). I have baseline igf test results before starting (193), and...