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    blood work before starting healing cycle

    i was just using the information that i read on the site here as the 4 week guideline. thanks for the update.
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    blood work before starting healing cycle

    going to start bpc-157, tb-500 peptides and ostarine mk-2866 (25mg) for 4 weeks if my blood work looks ok (see my blood work numbers below) just want to make sure all my numbers are ok as I'm reading about slight suppression from mk-2866 in longer cycles but just want to be on the safe side...
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    converting syringe units to ml

    confused on how much bacteriostatic water to draw in a 3/10 mL, 30 unit syringe to reconstitute 5mg bpc-157....using the peptide calculator i've got this so far. dosage of bpc-157 is going to be 250mcg want to reconstitute 2mL of BAC water into the 5mg vial of bpc-157 that would give me 5gm...