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    After my 12 week sarm cycle do i pct for 4 weeks and take another 4 weeks off? or do i do 4 weeks pct then hop on another sarm cycle?
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    I got LGD and Ostarine from Enhanced Athlete. I ordered my next cycle LGD from Focused Nutrition. Should I take AI throughout my whole cycle until I finish or should I take AI until my gyno subsides. I honestly don't mind if it's not pure SARMS for this cycle, might as well finish what I started. Thanks Dylan!
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    Hey Dylan
    I recently had symptoms of gyno (Sore right nipple and small bump under). I'm taking 10 mg LGD 4033 in the a.m and 20 mg Ostarine in the a.m. I've been on Ostarine and LGD for 9 weeks now and have 3 more weeks left. I've taken Natural PCT Megathom for 2 days now to maintain my gyno until my Nolva comes in one week. Should I stop my cycle completely and only take AI or should I finish my cycle? Also, should I take AI on cycle or stop taking AI when gyno subsides. Lastly, since it looks like I am prone to gyno, should I take AI on cycle for my next cycle or just have it on hand incase my gyno flares up again. Thanks!
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    If I were to run Sustanon for 12wks Aromasin EOD Anadrol split 25mg would u suggest running the first 8wks with DGA Post CT? Woops DGA Organ St?
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    I'm Into my 4th week of PCT I used MK2866 for 4 weeks after 12 wks of Sarms. Would u suggest running MK2866 another 2-4wks before starting steroid cycle? Or just a natural Test Booster, or both?
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    Ur awesome buddy thanks!!!!!
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    Hey Dylan
    Asking for your suggestion, finished Sarms cycle running S4 LGD MK 2866. Going into PCT GW MK2866 would it make use to use Nolvadex rather than Clomid either or?
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    Hi Dylan,

    S4 question for you. I am female, started your recommended triple stack 2 weeks ago (MK x 12.5 for 1st 2wks, GW x 20, S4 x 25+25). I noticed the dreaded vision changes and stopped taking the S4 two days ago (exactly 14 days in). I want to start back up and see if I can slow taper it...is 12.5 for 2 weeks worth it as a starting point? I work as a firefighter, so the light/dark vision changes mess me up a lot at night with emergency lights - but S4 seems like itís really worth trying again to reap the benefits. Thoughts?

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    Dylan, where are all your old videos on your new site elite fitness? I only see about 7 vids under anabolics.
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    Hi Dylan,

    I have been using caps gw501516 from a popular site for about 2 and half weeks. Didnt feel anything but mucus for the first 4 days. Day 5 & 6 I felt great! Day 7 & on I feel like shit. Chest pain, high hr & bp, & also had an anxiety attack a couple days ago. Went to the ER & had every test ran on me only to find out im in perfect health. My normal hr is between 34-40 with 40 being high. For about 5 days now my hr has been betweenn 50-130 resting. I discontinued gw 4 days ago & still am battling this heart rate issue.

    Have you ever heard of anyone feeling these symltoms on gw? Could I have been given some bullshit?
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