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    Shit... Will do. Thanks
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    Hello, I'm a 30 year old male looking to do an ostarine cycle. I am looking for your opinion on a proper pct? I have never used a sarm. When I was 19(young and dumb), I used dbol for a month with no pct, no cycle support, drank and partied every weekend and had no proper diet. I have learned a lot over the years but am looking for a jump start to getting back to good shape like I used to be. (I have two kids now ages 2 and 2 weeks) kids and life have led to some slacking off from the gym. I already ordered the ostarine based off a recommendation from a friend but decided to do my own research before I start taking it. I ordered from international Thanks for your help and advice.
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    I haven't run any cycles as of yet. You had said in several of your videos that a person needs to study before doing a cycle so i was inquiring to learn about proper dosing since i didn't know. So if i were to do a cycle in the near feature what do you recommend for the weekly dosage of EQ ?
    Thanks for your help
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    Hello Dylan, I'm a recent new subscriber to your channel and have been enjoying the vids.
    You had done a particular video in regards to Equipoise. you had said that dosage should be
    between 600-800 a week. My question Dylan is this: would that be 600-800 in one injection or is it best to split the dosage?
    Thank you for your time and thanks for all the great info!
    the best to you
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    Thank you man I appreciate the help. I will let you know what my results are.
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    I've never done trt, I usually do pct. Yeah I know, I really want to get better with my diet. I'm currently off cycle right now. Last time I did my cycle it was in November. I would like to see your layouts.
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    Is there a reason for no input/response? To be honest I was hoping to get extra insite if It seemed I needed it but I am not sure I am at this point.
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    I want to use both. I never used sarms before but for steroids, i was debating either Tbol, tren, masteron, test e, superdrol, trestolone, or deca. I'm not saying do them all at the same time but I want to know what would be the most effective stack and minimal side effects. This is what I've done in the previous cycle...

    1st cycle: test e and anavar
    2nd cycle: dbol (which was a mistake because I did that without test)
    3rd cycle: test p and Winn
    4th cycle test e and deca
    5th cycle test p and tren ace
    6th cycle test p and superdrol (didn't get much out of it because It was a "clone superdrol"

    I'm lucky that I didn't get any serious side effects...tren only made me have the night sweats, dbol and superdrol made me feel lethargic, and Winn give me a mild acne on my shoulders and of course I did use pct in all my cycles.
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    Hey Dylan, my name is Joseph and I watch your videos all the time. I have a question, my goal is to gain weight but lose body fat at the same time...any advice on what to eat?? Honestly I struggle with my diet and I'm trying to get that straight. Another question is any advice on doing a cycle? What steroid, sarms, protectants, etc. My stats are

    Bf: 10.8%
    Ht: 6'0.5
    Wt: 215
    Cycle exp: 6 cycles
    Working out: 9 years

    I would like to be at
    Bf: 7%
    Wt: 225-230
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    We talked once about me trying a single sarm but I have changed my mind because I might be looking at a shoulder surgery soon and want new advice or see if I'm on the right track. After further reasearch and a couple friends running sarms after I recover I wanted to run lgd to help some with strength plus I was told but not sure on it helps with healing tendons? And I also wanted to add rad140 to it. This would be for strength and some size back depending on how long I could be out. Lgd at 10mgs a day for for 12 weeks and rad 140 at 20mgs a day for 12 weeks then for the first month add daa at 3 grams a day I would use before my workout about 30-45minutes because I have found it causes huge pumps for me as I easily gain mass and strength. My pct was just going to be your guys/sarmsx mini pct. how does this look and sound to you? I really thought about adding a third sarm but honestly cost prevents that for right now but still better to have two over one.
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