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    Hey Dylan, brand new here and you seem to be the man to ask so here it goes.. Iím 36y 6í2Ē 188 not sure on body fat Iím sticking close to my macros 2888cal 190p 80f 352c Iím fairly new to the gym as I havenít lifted for years and even then wasnít consistent. Iím looking to pack on muscle and lose fat as is everyone I guess. From what Iíve been reading Iím interested in rad140 Nutrobal Ostarine and Cardarine my question is where should a guy start? everything Iím finding online is different as far as amounts and duration. Pct I keep seeing Is red pct2.0 is that even A good pct? I guess any info would be greatly appreciated! Iíll keep looking around the web but Iím starting to wonder which sites and info are legit as it makes a guy cross eyed lol. I just see a lot of guys asking you and you seem very knowledgeable on the subject. Thanks
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    Hey Dylan I ordered a Organ support through your website on the 30th and Amazon is saying my package is lost you think you could reach out to me

    Order number 114-4109513-4945021
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    Hey Dylan
    Iím a 100M sprinter and looking at something for speed and recovery.
    Iím looking at Rad 140 and Sr9009
    What do you think?
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    Hey Dylan, I was reaching out to ask some advice starting my 1st cycle from esarms. I got some bad shit from and I'm recovering levels now for about 6 weeks. I'm thinking of ostarine and was curious if I should add cardarine and how to cycle it all? 12 weeks and and ostazol after 8 weeks correct? Which PCT would be better? Nova or clomid? Also I'm a bit nervous about suppression since the shit had me very low and my balls were aching constantly. I'm just starting to feel better. I have a girlfriend that is already upset about the last batch since I could barely perform with super low test levels Haha thanks for all the info. You're the man. Very glad to be on this forum now.
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    Hey Dylan

    As a 26yo Weighing 175lbs with 15%bf, what sarm stack would you recommend me for a 12 week bulk? Maximum 3 sarm stack
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    Hey dylan havent ordered off esarms in a few months is it still a good site for sarms?
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    Can I please have discount code thank you Dylan [email protected]
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    Hi Dylan, please provide 20% discount for esarms! I wish I would have messaged you as I just bought 400 worth of cardarine from esarms, but they were nice enough to add Cardazol! I am definitely looking to buy LGD soon. Thanks for your time!
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    Esarms coupon code, please
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    Quick question about cardarine and sr9009 stack and your blood work. Did you have any adverse effects on your liver enzymes and creatinine levels while using these 2 at the same time? My first purchase was from proven peptides and 9 days in I had blood work done and my creatinine levels were at 1700 instead of the 1-300 range and my liver enzymes were high as well. I did immediately quit using it and got a refund. Did you see anything like this using esarms and do you think I was given fake product?

    Thanks for the help.
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