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    I understand that sarms don't convert to estrogen but I've been told it can happen so was also lead to believe I should run a small dose of Arimistane along my sarms to help with suppression because my libido is not the best right now. I think I might have possibly crashed my estrogen? Please tell what I should do. I don't know who else to talk to. And I order from two sources: Allamericanpeptides and evolvingnattys also forgot to mention I've started running Cardarine and s4 a couple weeks ago
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    Please help me I'm not sure who else would be more fimiliar with this stuff than you. I've been running 10mg LGD-4033 and 25mg of Mk677 with 50-75mg of Arimistane a day for about 8 weeks now. I'm starting to feel hotter than everyone else, my blood pressure is high, my heart rate feels faster than normal and I'm even depressed and tired. Is there any suggestions you can please give me?
    Stats: 21, 5'11, 178lbs
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    Hey Dylan just wanted to thank you personally for the advice and info you gave me. Keep up the great work with videos. You値l always have a fan with me brother
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    Hey Dylan! You致e got a ton of questions but if you get a chance to reply to mine that would be awesome. Recently suffered a few compression fractures to a few vertebrae痴 in the middle of my back. I had hit some awesome personal goals but now am shedding muscle since I知 unable to workout. I知 21 and was thinking of trying mk-677 due to the ability of bone growth and muscle build with low amounts of exercise, I do have good genetics thankfully but hurts to see it all go after hard work. Would this compound be a good fit? Thanks- Kris
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    Hi there Dylan. I知 actually a patient and not a body builder. I知 looking to to take Ostarine for a muscle wasting condition. I致e read studies that say Ostarine (SARMS) could really help. Upon reading many threads in the forum I致e stumbled accross your name in regards to knowing where I can get the best SARMS possible. Whether that be liquid or cap form. Anyways I知 thinking of starting out small 10mg and seeing what that does.

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    Hi Dylan,

    Does your post ct from dganutrition site ship to Hong Kong?
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    Dylan how i can speak with you like in tapatalk or somethink for 5min?
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    I just asked you the question about bridging w sarms.

    So week 1-4 pct clomid ostarine
    Week 5-8 ostarine gw s4
    Week 9-16 gw s4
    Week 17-19 mini pct

    This sound correct? I am 27 btw

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    Hey man. Quick question regarding sarms during pct and bridging w them. Finishing up just a first cycle ever of only test e for 12 weeks. Going to run my pct of clomid and ostarine for 4 weeks each.

    I want to bridge sarms before my next cycle. I'm leaning towards a gw and s4 bridge but want to maybe use ostarine also. But since I'm going to use ostarine in my pct, will this be okay to continue running it straight from pct into a bridge with my s4 and gw? And how long for the bridge? Would appreciate some advice
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    Hey brother was wondering what your recomendations on a good oral protectant would be? Perhaps somthing i could go out and pick up at gnc? Thanks for all your vids man ur a big help
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