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    I am a 50 year old male. 6'2" 210lbs with about 15 to 20% body fat at most. Good health and have been on several cycles before and currently on prescribed TRT with test E at 200mg a week. I split into two shots Mon and Thurs with anastrozole 1 mg every other day plus a fluid pill. I've been on sus test npp dbol and eq. I currently have a good amnt of gear with test e, cyp, Winn, tren a, npp, anadrol 30mg and caber and prob some other stuff I'm forgetting. Looking for the best dosage and cycle to run with the test e. Tren Ace and anadrol and whatever else you suggest I workout about 5-6 days a week and my diet is pretty darn good. Thanks for any help. Also I really enjoy the you tube videos.

    Also I was planning on running the Winn with the drol at the same time.
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    Hi Dylan,
    I'm currently 2 weeks in an Ostarine cycle @25mg everyday. I'm planning on running it for 12 weeks. I know that suppression is possible as early as 6 or 8 weeks with this dosage so my question is regarding the timing of the mini PCT. In other words, do I lose gains as soon as I become suppressed (sign to start pct) or does continuing the ostarine intake while suprressd for an extra few weeks until the end of 12 weeks allow me to continue gaining until pct?

    Thanks brother
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    Hey I saw your post about sarmsx and the cb form hold, I placed my order a week ago and didn't receive and email, nothing in spam folder. I sent them a message but no response. Is there anyway you can contact them for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Order number was 32789
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    Hi Dylan, would like some advice for my next cycle. I am looking to run sustanon 250 and a 300mg nandrolone blend containing deca, npp and undecanoate (each 100mg). Would this be a good idea or better to just run deca? And what dosages would you recommend? I will be taking aromasin and caber to control estrogen and prolactin.
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    Shit... Will do. Thanks
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    Hello, I'm a 30 year old male looking to do an ostarine cycle. I am looking for your opinion on a proper pct? I have never used a sarm. When I was 19(young and dumb), I used dbol for a month with no pct, no cycle support, drank and partied every weekend and had no proper diet. I have learned a lot over the years but am looking for a jump start to getting back to good shape like I used to be. (I have two kids now ages 2 and 2 weeks) kids and life have led to some slacking off from the gym. I already ordered the ostarine based off a recommendation from a friend but decided to do my own research before I start taking it. I ordered from international Thanks for your help and advice.
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    I haven't run any cycles as of yet. You had said in several of your videos that a person needs to study before doing a cycle so i was inquiring to learn about proper dosing since i didn't know. So if i were to do a cycle in the near feature what do you recommend for the weekly dosage of EQ ?
    Thanks for your help
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    Hello Dylan, I'm a recent new subscriber to your channel and have been enjoying the vids.
    You had done a particular video in regards to Equipoise. you had said that dosage should be
    between 600-800 a week. My question Dylan is this: would that be 600-800 in one injection or is it best to split the dosage?
    Thank you for your time and thanks for all the great info!
    the best to you
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    Thank you man I appreciate the help. I will let you know what my results are.
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