Strategies and tips for different types of gambling. Who can advise something from their own experience?

I also recently searched for a place to start playing and earn money and I can recommend you Kheloyar in my opinion, the main strategy in gambling is choosing the right platform and the games that suit you best.
Kheloyar is a licensed bookmaker where you will find a huge selection of bets on various sports. In addition, the site has a casino with many slots, table games and live games. After registration, you will even be given a bonus on your first deposit, which will allow you to start the game with a larger bankroll.
Personally, I liked to bet on football and roulette, so Kheloyar suited me completely. The interface is clear, the odds are good, and the winnings come quickly. Of course, there was no risk here, but thanks to a competent strategy and a good choice of games, I was able to make a good amount of money.
So if you are still looking for a reliable resource to play for money, I suggest you try Kheloyar. The main thing is to choose the right strategy and listen to your own intuition. I wish you luck!

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