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  1. Hello,
    If you are in the US, some new laws make you have to jump through a few hoops to purchase bitcoin. I have had a lot of success lately with the Phone App "Cashapp" by square. Before you can purchase they will make you submit a picture of your ID (as is required by law), but after that it is super easy to use. Just connect it to your debit card and make purchases. They don't put you behind any waiting period to withdraw your BTC. You can even keep a bitcoin wallet on your phone such as "electrum" Just go to "receive" in electrum and copy the long hash address, and paste that in cashapp when they ask you the address to withdraw to. After the BTC is in your wallet, you can purchase from Steroidify, and we will give you an exact amount of BTC and an address to send to that you enter in the "send" section of electrum. Hope that was helpful.
  2. Funny you should comment on this. I spent all day yesterday trying to order from you guys. I couldn't figure out how to purchase Bitcoin. I tried and tried. I wanted to do it that way to be sure it was safe.
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