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  1. Hey could I get a price list? I?m new to the forum world. I?ve ran a few cycles in the past. I?m currently running Test E 300mg 2x per week, NPP 125mg 3x per week, and proViron 30mg ED. I?ve also started running anavar 50mg ED. I had a question as to whether you would run the var from the beginning or should I wait till the last few weeks. I?ve been taking it for a week now I?m addition to the other gear but I really want to bulk as much as possible rn and didn?t knw If I should just hold off for a while? I?m definitely going to need some HCG and some more Anastrozole ASAP if possible. My email is [email protected]
    And I should probably start a thread for that question I guess lol
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