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  1. Hell,
    Sorry for the slow response (visitor messages don't send a direct notification). Have you received a seizure letter, or has your order just been sitting in customs for a while? If you got a letter, please directly contact customer support at and let them know. They will then ask for a picture of your seizure letter, and offer you the choice of an account credit or a reship. If it is the latter please be patient. I have had some orders sit in customs for weeks, and unfortunately this is outside of our control. If you don't receive your order after 30 days of transit time, steroidify will also do a reship without a seizure letter. Thank you
  2. Hey P0N gotta question Im hoping u can help me with. Ive got an order through Pharmacom that just recently is being held by customs here n the US. What do I do? I havent been able to get a response back from Pharmacom on this issue and typically they have always been very quick about responding to me with any questions. Can they just send me a replacement order???...what do I do? My order # is: 3592408. Any help would b much appreciated. Thanks. U can message me back here or at [email protected]
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