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  1. you need six bottles and you run it 12 weeks... 6-8 weeks is not a full cycle... please send all your questions in one message at a time
  2. This is my first time taking testolone, how long should the cycle be? Some people say 6-8 weeks i have seen and others say 12, whats your advice?
  3. So if the bottles of testolone on earms are 30ml and i wanna take 20mg a day, how many bottles will i need?
  4. Ohh damn, thanks so much for the advice, i saw your advice to others and you seen very knowledgeable about sarms, i will deff have other questions, ill check out that site right now
  5. you shouldnt buy anything from sarmsx... its been closed for nearly two years and the domain was bought by scammers... DO NOT use that site...

    you want to buy from
  6. Whats up man i want to do a 12 week cycle of rad, how many bottles should i buy from sarmsx for 12 weeks and how much is 20mg, i know on the bottle its measured in ml so im confused on how much to take
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