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  1. Hey i have completed my cycle of 12 weeks in which was like this-
    4 weeks dianabol 40mg ed
    Testosterone ent. 250mg for 12 weeks
    Boldenone un. 250mg for 12 weeks
    I didn't use any estrogen inhibitors.
    Now i have to start my pct from Tomorrow
    My blood work is shit
    My FSH is 0.61mlU/ml
    My LH is 0.11mlU/ml
    My estradiol is 10.78 pg/ml

    I didn't gain anything during my cycle just some water when i was on dianabol.

    My age is 25 height is 6' feet and weight is 77kgs
    Am new to all these post bit scared so can't type properly.
    And my pct will be
    Hcg 5000iu per week for 3 weeks
    Clomid 50 50 50
    Tamoxifen 20 20 20

    Now am confused as my estradiol is so low so should i go for clomid and tamoxifen or just go with hcg...
    Help needed

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