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  1. i would add clomid or nolva
  2. Real quick question, since I'm taking 25mg osta can I get away with just taking DGA pct support at the end of the cycle or do I need clomid or nolva as well?
  3. thats because proven peptides is a horrible source you should never use... thats not real at all... you should never have that issue with cardarine
  4. Quick question about cardarine and sr9009 stack and your blood work. Did you have any adverse effects on your liver enzymes and creatinine levels while using these 2 at the same time? My first purchase was from proven peptides and 9 days in I had blood work done and my creatinine levels were at 1700 instead of the 1-300 range and my liver enzymes were high as well. I did immediately quit using it and got a refund. Did you see anything like this using esarms and do you think I was given fake product?

    Thanks for the help.
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