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  1. Thanks man. It can be hard for us to get this stuff through customs if we order overseas. There have been alot seized and with my job don't want to take that risk.

    So just your opinion, the increased appetite and hand numbness wouldn't determine whether the mk 677 was real would it? I know the increased appetite can subside after a few weeks anyway. Never had an issue with apetite and no negative side effects from mk 677. Biggest thing I've noticed is awesome sleep.

    Have you heard of lgd 4033 increasing appetite? I'm guessing it would since it's for mass gain?

    Thanks again
  2. It seems legit, but the thing is that you never know. I would stick with SARMSX. There you know you het real SARMs. The price is higher but you get assurance of that it is real.
  3. Hey man tried replying to your comment but needs to be approved.

    Got mk 677 and lgd 4033 from Anabolic Labs Australia

    Mk 677 is $160 and taste like crap.

    Spoken to people stock their products and who have taken them and its all positive, all results.

    I'm guessing 'side effects' will differ from person to person
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