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  1. i知 going to need a PCT in the next 5 weeks, im looking for clomid, i知 worried about seized packaging and getting in trouble for it and or it not being delivered in the time i知 going to need it, can you give me some info on how this works? because i read reviews of people not getting there package and not good communication or when it will arrive. i hate the thought of buying international (i live in the US)... feels sketchy to me. i also saw you have tested products and i saw one clomid brand on there that痴 shows lab tested, i just want the same top product as pharmacy. i just want a good safe reliable source that will come asap and not get me in trouble! i saw its legal for research but i知 not familiar with how all that works, i知 highly debating going through you guys. but i want to speak to you prior for reinsurance and if all goes good you got a dedicated customer from me, sorry for the long message! thanks
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